The time for Self Improvement is now

The world is undergoing a unique revolutionary change in as far as human achievement, life improvement and success are concerned. There is a paradigm shift from the old school of thought that success and self improvement are determined by the actions we take externally, hence the constant struggle for creating a better life through hard work.

Science and Religion have now come to a convergent point, and more and more Scientists are now realizing that we create our reality from within; that the mind (your thoughts) is what determines your external reality. This new found knowledge has led to the realization of various spiritual laws, that operate with the certainty and precision of scientific laws. To alter your external situation, from say one of poverty to one of affluence, the change must come from within, because we are first being (that is, we exist) then thought, (we think as a result of our existence), then action, (we do as a result of our thoughts). Action is the last stage of the creative process and should be informed by carefully contrived thoughts.

This new thinking has led to a plethora of mind changing, self help products and the proliferation of, so called, self help coaches. Like anything else, however, there is the genuine article and the fake. This blog is designed with you in mind, to lead you only to the genuine article.

What everyone desires is a good life. Abundance is pervasive. It is the basis of this entire universe. We must attune our minds to this reality if we are to avoid the pitfalls of the poor and the weak, because they have made themselves so. Never before in the history of mankind has there been as bright a revelation as this. Grab your opportunity now! start the change today!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

The little book with the big bite

The Power of Certainty has been in print since August 23, 2013. As the name suggest, this little book is designed for those who wish to create their dream life with certainty; the subtitle being: a simple guide to living the life of your dreams.

We all want a fulfilled life; some of us more so than others, but most individuals would like to live way above the poverty line and accomplish something of worth in their short stint on this planet. However we have been fed with a diet on negatives, such as lack and scarcity and the need to trample others if we want to achieve success as well as the need to do back breaking work which deprive us of quality time with friends and family. This kind of lifestyle ultimately damages our health and we die quickly. There is absolutely no scarcity; the universe abounds with abundance!

With a read of Power of Certainty you will begin to realize that creating the life of your choice lies in your hands and you have absolute control over which direction you want it to go.

The book is published by Create Space as a paper back edition with an eBook version on Amazon Kindle.
It is a short book with easy readable font designed for the common man or woman yearning to live a better life, but with much solutions for those 'well to dos' who may be stuck in their upward march, or even the middle man who is on a plateau to take off.

Please click on my photo to take you to my author page where you can see the link to all my books, including both the paperback and Kindle edition of Power of Certainty. Feel free to join the discussion forum, review my book or ask specific questions.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

The power of certainty

After five long years of searching for truth, I have completed my book; "The power of certainty" which should be in print sometime this year, 2013.The book came out of the myriads of reading and practical experimentation that I have done. While my reading has explored various self help programs and themes, the book represents a holistic approach to effective manifestation. What I did was to find the main thread that runs through almost all self improvement programs; your conscious expectations and your subconscious beliefs must synchronize in order for you to get what you desire to manifest. I use 'desire to manifest' here advisedly because when you 'want' the law of attraction works to keep you in a state of wanting. To manifest anything you must start from a position of certainty. That is, certainty that it will be so!

The Power of Certainty explores the idea of establishing certainty as a basis for manifesting the life of your dreams. The book is divided into two parts. Part one deals with the beliefs or mindsets that you must incorporate at the subconscious level in order to truly manifest; including knowing the power of your being: "who are you and why are you here?" It also explores the power of belief, the power of thoughts and the power of the universe.

Part two deals with practical techniques necessary to cement the required subconscious beliefs and explores the role of Meditation, Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Gratitude, Giving and Forgiveness in the process.

The book ends with some very important tips in implementing the belief systems and the strategies.
Here is  an excerpt from the first chapter.

Chapter one

The power of being

I want you to think about these questions seriously. Are you just a body with a brain? Were you just born, then grow, then die and that is it? What a waste that would be! When you look at a body in a casket, what really are you looking at?  When, for example, we write dates of birth and time of death on a tombstone, with all the fuss, is that the person you are placing there?

Most of us will acknowledge a ‘spirit’ or a ‘soul’ which is not finite. So, if you are infinite, then you must be a part, an extension, a creation of the one infinite being-(God, source, universal mind, all there is.)
 Know this my friend; there is only one universal mind and everything and everyone else is formed from this mind!
Of course many of us quote scriptures and sing songs about this very fact:
“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jeremiah Chapter I, verse 5.
 This clearly suggests that the womb experience is not a start but the beginning of a new ‘state of being.’  However, our behavior, our ‘modus operandi’ suggests that we only pay this lip service.
 “Then God said let us make man in our image according to our likeness.” Genesis chapter 1, verse 26.

Many of you can identify with this quote so I have opted to use it to expand the concept that I am putting forward here. You see, we take this quote for granted and yet it is full of information that we need to consider. Most of us would agree that god, is omniscient-all knowing, omnipresent-present everywhere, and omnipotent-all powerful. What this really means is that he is the only presence (consciousness/being), the only power, and the only knowledge. When we perceive him as some separate ‘super-human being’ form somewhere out there, we could not be further from the truth. As forms of consciousness; we must exist within the ‘all consciousness.’ 

What the genesis quotation means, therefore is that the first man, who we call Adam, was like God in every sense of the word, possessing all his attributes-‘Son of God’ so to speak. (That is what ‘in our own image and likeness’ must mean.) It does not mean that we look like him or he looks like us because spirit as he is, is formless. So, we have to assume that Adam could create by simple giving thought and speech to it, like God could. “Let there be light and there was light.” Genesis chapter 1 verse 3. Thought, then words, then matter. Thought is therefore a consciousness of being.  
Adam could conjure any universe, any world, anything through his thoughts. But, Adam misused these powers, creating and destroying universes (The Garden of Eden metaphor.) He was not creating responsibly, hence he was placed (‘cast out’) in a lower level so that he has even forgotten his divinity, who he truly is-a son of the creator! He has been placed in the flesh, in a Space/Time construct. (God is above time and space.)1

Linear time is only an illusion designed to keep man in a lower state of existence, (punishment for our ‘Garden of Eden sin, so to speak.) but we maintain our connection to source power because source created us in the first place. It is our memory of this connection that has been clouded. Once we can tap into his consciousness (‘quiet the flesh’) we can discover this connection and use this power to experience a life of fulfillment by learning to create responsibly.  We can create through our thoughts but not at will, because of our ‘flesh limitations.’ We can do so only by the conscious focusing of our thoughts emotions and desires over time, and transform this into inspired action with much less struggle and frustration than some of us currently do.

All this is useless; however, if we do not realize that we have the capacity to do so. This book is partly about establishing that ‘being’ awareness and developing that power. With this awareness, we can learn to create the life of our dreams.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The subconscious shift

The only thing standing between you and your dreams is your belief that it is possible and your      willingness to go after it.

New moments of awareness can only come when one fully understands and internalizes the universe’s over-riding principle of the Law of Attraction.  I thought I understood it but was really refreshed after listening to a call With Robin Retallick on Law of attraction club on the night of October 23, 2011.

You are the sum of your habits of thought-Law of attraction brings into experience that which you know (believe) and expect both in your conscious and subconscious.

You get back in real time the sum of your expectations. Since your subconscious is what stores the vast sum of the data you gather in from birth, even if you shift your belief/expectations consciously, the overriding subconscious beliefs/expectations are what will be reflected in your reality and you may wonder why you still struggle.

 All your efforts at manifesting your desires will be fruitless unless your subconscious and conscious beliefs/expectations are aligned (one and the same) There is no glitch in the Law of attraction, the only glitch is in non-alignment. Law of attraction is flawless. Your subconscious beliefs from your upbringing (which are usually deep-seated, are what , many times sabotage your conscious desires) Remember the subconscious rules, that is why you leave it in control of everything, heartbeat, breathing, digestion, nervous reaction and learnt habits like driving or riding a bicycle. Notice how difficult these can be when you just begin, before the subconscious takes them over!
1.  You can, in fact do, be and have anything you desire.
2.     There are only three absolutes. i. You are a part of source or “all there is” (God)
ii. The law of attraction is the guiding principle of the universe.
3.     iii. You are at choice in everything else, except i and ii.

Damaging belief systems that You do not need
1. Lack and poverty are pervasive-not true, it is only false belief that you have internalized from your youth through false teaching. Abundance is pervasive and is your birthright ( Say, abundance is pervasive and is my birthright, and train your subconscious to belief it!)
2. Rich people are a special breed (Rich people have the same blood and emotions like any other people, except they are wealthier and happier!)
3. Rich people are callous and uncaring- They only think about themselves. This is a false belief, many rich persons are some of the nicest people on earth.
4. Rich people can’t go to heaven.  This is a false belief, being rich has nothing to do with heaven.
5. You only need enough money to get by- Rubbish! You need abundance to live a life of prosperity which was meant for you. You cannot actualize your God given potential without being fully prosperous!
6. Money is the root of all evil-This is not true- money is an energy,  and a belief system and is, in fact, infinite! People and their actions are evil, not money.
7. You should never desire to have large sums of money-you will become corrupt.  Why not, prosperity is your birthright! Some of the most corrupt individuals are poor!!
8. Even if you get large sums of money it will not stay with you -Bulls! You can have and keep any amount of money you want to!
10. You have no influence over your life, fate decides what happens to you-As said in 3 (iii) above you are at choice in everything.

From all of this you will see that you must train the subconscious into new habits in order to be in alignment-What is it that you expect consciously and subconsciously? Let us say, you desire a new car and you visualize it daily, but you were taught from early not to pine after material things, then no amount of visualization will give you the car, because your subconscious (holding this belief) does everything to protect it! This is a limiting belief, and you must erase it from your subconscious and replace it with a new belief which is in alignment with your conscious desires. That is the magic of manifesting! The universe will then provide all the circumstances, including actions you must take, in bringing about the manifestation of your car.
There will be no sense of struggle or worry in these actions/and or circumstances.
Take my yoke (a piece of wood holding two oxen together and attached to a plough-spiritual connection) upon you and learn of me, for my yoke is easy and my burden (a heavy load-a cause of worry, hardship or grief) is light –(Jesus)

Habits to drop
1.   To blame yourself, the govt. or people for what is wrong in your life-give it up!
Your thought habits are responsible for everything you see in your reality-“You are the sum of your habits of thought”
2.   Tension-to allow yourself to be in tension against life-let go! Resistance only creates more resistance!
3.   Stop doing things that don’t make you feel good. (e.g listening to the news make you feel bad, don’t do it!)
4.   Fear, worry, doubt and regret are just bad habits, drop them.
Habits to pick up
1.   Pre-intend-Pause and think about what is coming up and say, what is it that I really want here? Visualize and concentrate on that!
2.   Appreciating-everything from large to small in your world/reality that you like. (that is, give thanks for them.) If you hate your job, make preparation to go (don’t do things that make you feel bad) but appreciate any little aspect of it that you like! It will not only keep you through but help you to go!
3.   Your emotional guidance system tells you when you are in or out of alignment. If the emotion is negative that means that what you are expecting and what you desire is out of sync. You have to find a way to retrain the subconscious. You need to connect to your higher self and be back in touch with source. (Use meditation and tapping.)

Struggle is optional-that is doing anything you don’t want to do in order to get somewhere you want to go.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Principle of Non-resistance

We have all read about and lauded Mahatma Gandhi for his unique application of the Principle of non-resistance in his successful fight for the defense of India against a British
imperialism. Gandhi’s methods in many ways demonstrated the universal laws of Allowing and Detachment.

The reason we have difficulties with manifesting our desires is that we prevent the universe from bringing them to us because of our obsession with the outcomes and our trying to force these results through our actions. Life then becomes a struggle because we create in reverse or by default. We feed the never ending law of cause and effect- “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  We should be clear on what we desire to manifest, trust the universe to bring it to us and detach ourselves from the outcome. We should allow.

This does not mean that action is not necessary, but action should be determined by our level of vibration, and is the last stage in the creative process. We tell the universe what we desire to manifest through the power of visualization, but we should not become obsessed with the outcome or try to force a result. We should focus on our desires until we feel the right vibration, and we should detach ourselves from the outcome by having the utmost “certainty” or faith, if you will, that what we desire to manifest will be brought to us by the universe. (More so, we should not focus on the lack of money, for money is only the means of buying the experiences we need as far as these desires are concerned- inherently, the money has no value.)

At this point, when we are feeling good about ourselves despite the lack of money, the universe will supply our desires-it could be by providing the money for the experiences we desire, or by showing us a way to acquire the money. But the universe may find other ways of supplying these desires to us without us actually having the money (even though money may be needed for what we desire to manifest it may actually be supplied by someone else.) When we operate on these laws of allowing and detachment we will know how and when to act. Action then becomes smooth and effortless and we do not experience a sense of struggle.

So, let us stop obsessing about money or let us remove any other deep seated limiting beliefs that we have, such as I am not worthy, I don’t believe I can have wealth, I am unlucky, I was not born to achieve etc, etc, etc. We must stop playing these records in our heads, for ultimately they inform our subconscious mind and form the blueprint for the reality that we manifest. A great way to get rid of these limiting beliefs is by a means of  Meridian tapping. You can check it out at the Tapping solution.

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