The time for Self Improvement is now

The world is undergoing a unique revolutionary change in as far as human achievement, life improvement and success are concerned. There is a paradigm shift from the old school of thought that success and self improvement are determined by the actions we take externally, hence the constant struggle for creating a better life through hard work.

Science and Religion have now come to a convergent point, and more and more Scientists are now realizing that we create our reality from within; that the mind (your thoughts) is what determines your external reality. This new found knowledge has led to the realization of various spiritual laws, that operate with the certainty and precision of scientific laws. To alter your external situation, from say one of poverty to one of affluence, the change must come from within, because we are first being (that is, we exist) then thought, (we think as a result of our existence), then action, (we do as a result of our thoughts). Action is the last stage of the creative process and should be informed by carefully contrived thoughts.

This new thinking has led to a plethora of mind changing, self help products and the proliferation of, so called, self help coaches. Like anything else, however, there is the genuine article and the fake. This blog is designed with you in mind, to lead you only to the genuine article.

What everyone desires is a good life. Abundance is pervasive. It is the basis of this entire universe. We must attune our minds to this reality if we are to avoid the pitfalls of the poor and the weak, because they have made themselves so. Never before in the history of mankind has there been as bright a revelation as this. Grab your opportunity now! start the change today!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ever heard of Meridian Tapping?

Meridian Tapping is a new discovery that combines the ancient art of Chinese Acupressure with modern Psychology techniques. Five thousand years ago the Chinese discovered over one hundred meridians in the body.Modern practitioners and psychologists have learned to use this knowledge to develop what is now called Meridian Tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

This tapping technique involves a simple procedure of tapping key points on your body to relieve emotional stress or any kind of stress related problems. The new practitioners have also taken it to the next level, where it can be used to supplement "Law of attraction" mindsets and bring about the life of prosperity and freedom that we all desire.

There are now annual World summit on Tapping, and, since march of this year there has been a 2010 summit with over eighty thousand participants. The summit features top EFT practitioners in the world, eighteen instructors and twenty presentations.

To apply this technique, simply bring a problem to mind, establish a set up statement and tap certain points on your body, as you repeat these set up statement. There are eight key points involved in the process.

To get the full technique for your procedure please visit and download the free  e-book. Until next time, enjoy your tapping!!

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